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Whistleblower Attorney

The Whistleblower Protection Program

When an employee witnesses any other unlawful or inappropriate behavior in the workplace, it can be difficult for that person to report the offender to management due to fear of retaliation. It is true that the offender may attempt to “get back at” the person who reported them, but “whistleblowers” are protected under both Federal and State law.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) – a division of the Department of Labor – provides protection for employees through the Whistleblower Protection Program. This program enforces 21 different U.S. statutes to ensure that employees are treated equally and fairly by their employers and coworkers, and that anyone who makes a report of wrongful behavior does not become a victim of discrimination. OSHA follows specific procedures for handling discrimination complaints as found in several different regulations, which further ensures that every case is treated with fairness and justice.

What to Do If Harassed for Whistleblowing?

Your coworkers have no right to harass or discriminate against you if you have reported any kind of illegal behavior on the job. Without being reported, destructive behavior would run rampant in workplaces across the country. If you are being wrongfully treated after blowing the whistle on another worker, contact an Orange County employment lawyer from our firm right away. We are more than capable of fighting for your protection and your rights according to the statutes and regulations that OSHA upholds.

Retain a Whistleblower Claim Lawyer in Orange County, CA

Contact the Employment Lawyer’s Group today for a case evaluation to learn how we could help you in a whistleblower claim situation. Our legal team focuses solely on employment law and is prepared to represent and defend you. With the assistant of an Orange County whistleblower claim lawyer from our firm, you could find protection from discrimination, harassment and/or wrongful termination.