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What types of discrimination are illegal? FEHA makes the following harassment and discrimination illegal in employment:

FEHA prohibits harassment and discrimination in employment on the basis of:

  • Race Discrimination
  • Color Discrimination
  • Religion Discrimination
  • Sex or gender Discrimination
  • Sexual orientation Discrimination
  • Marital status Discrimination
  • National origin Discrimination
  • Ancestry Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination (mental and physical, including HIV and AIDS)
  • Medical condition Discrimination (including cancer or genetic characteristics)
  • Age Discrimination (40 and above)
  • Pregnancy Discrimination

A common form of discrimination that takes place in the workplace has to do with an employee’s age. Older employees often suffer wrongful termination due to their age and find it difficult to obtain new employment due to their age over 40. To combat this injustice, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 was passed in California. The Fair and Houseing Act provides employees over 40 the right not to be discriminated against by their age over 40. It is illegal for an employer or coworker to treat someone as inferior or incompetent due to their age over 40, and such action should be immediately reported to supervision, should your complaint be ignored or mishandled, you should then contact (714) 210-8000 an Orange County employment attorney to defend your rights and obtain justice in your situation.

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For an employment law firm that will make every effort to support and defend you in a discrimination situation, call Employment Lawyers Group. Our legal team will hear you out and guide you through the steps you need to take to hold your employer or coworker accountable for their behavior. Our firm will work to obtain the results you need. We have proven our abilities for success in the past. In fact, Attorney Karl Gerber has been selected for inclusion in California Super Lawyers for many years.

How an Employment Lawyer Can Help

California labor laws protect workers from being treated unequally by their coworkers or employers. If you are being teased or harassed due to your age, or if your workload is much less than you can handle because others think you are not competent, then call The Employment Lawyers Group for legal assistance. We represent employees in mediation in discrimination cases due to age, disability, pregnancy or protected characteristics under FEHA. We could aggressively fight for you in court should a lawsuit be necessary.

Discrimination Articles

The History of Sex Discrimination in America

The United States has an unfortunate history of sex discrimination and the fight for equal rights. From the late nineteenth century into the early twentieth century, America experienced the women’s suffrage movement. Then, in the 1960s, a second wave of feminism swept through as women continued to fight for equal rights in employment. Today, women have been granted equal rights in everything from voting to employment to running for office. Nevertheless, sex discrimination still exists in the workplace.

Workplace Gender Discrimination Law

Men and women are granted equal rights in the workplace under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In California it is illegal to refuse to employ, to wrongfully terminate, or to otherwise to discriminate against someone regarding their compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment because of their gender. Employers also cannot limit, segregate, or classify their employees or applicants in a way that would deprive or tend to deprive them of employment, or adversely affect their employment status because of their sex.

Gender discrimination can also come in the form of sexual harassment. When a man treats a woman as inferior by intimidating her, soliciting her or forcing unwanted sexual contact, it could be seen as both sexual harassment and sex discrimination. Contact an Orange County employment lawyer today if you are facing any of these types of behavior by your employer or coworkers that may be workplace discrimination. Our number is (714) 210-8000.

Defense Against Racism in the Workplace

Discrimination against a person due to their race still happens in the California workplace. Even though we’ve come so far from where we were a century ago, racism is still a serious problem in Orange County and can affect a person’s ability to find work, not to mention make their job difficult. Workplace discrimination is illegal under both state and federal law, and “whistleblowers” are also protected from retaliation should they report an unlawful act of race or other form of discrimination on the job.

It is important to note that race discrimination is not the same as national origin discrimination, though they are quite similar. Race discrimination is based on a person’s ethnicity, even if they were born and raised in the United States. National origin discrimination is committed against individuals who have moved to the U.S. from another country, even if they are legal residents or naturalized citizens. We have represented Mexicans and Non-Mexicans being discriminated against due to their Country of Origin or their parents by Latinos from other countries in The Americas. We have represented Indians being discriminated against by Koreans. All of this is National Origin Discrimination.

Race Discrimination Laws

State laws against race discrimination are found in Calif. Gov. Code § 12940 on ward. Employers cannot refuse employment or restrict an employee’s benefits, terms, etc. due to their ethnic background. Likewise, they cannot terminate an employee because of their race. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 § 703 also outlaws race discrimination by employers. Contact an Orange County employment lawyer from Employment Lawyers Group today for legal help in case you are experiencing this form of discrimination.

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Our employment law firm has handled countless discrimination, sexual harassment and hostile work environment cases over the years and has been selected for inclusion in California Super Lawyers® many years since 2010. We are dedicated to quality legal service and provide the support, care and aggressive representation you need. Contact an Orange County race discrimination attorney from our firm today!