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While terminations of employment affect terminated workers at all levels of pay, workers who are at the poverty level and who are terminated are at a high risk. For a single person, the poverty rate was $11,720 a year in earnings for 2012. For a family of four, the poverty rate was $23,283 during 2012. The number of people living in poverty stands at 46.5 million, or 15% of the country’s population.

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Low wage workers who are unjustly terminated, without warning, are not likely to have savings. Nor are wrongfully terminated workers, near poverty, likely to own a home without a mortgage. If their employer contests their unemployment insurance claim, the low wage worker without savings may have their electricity turned off when they cannot pay their electricity bill. An experienced employment lawyer like myself will know how to explain to a jury how having one’s electricity turned off, and facing actual or potential eviction, causes severe emotional distress. Emotional distress is an important item of damage in a lawsuit involving job termination.

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If you were wrongfully fired from your job, consult an experienced employment lawyer to determine what your items of damage might be in your wrongful termination lawsuit. The cost of moving may be an item of damage in an employment lawsuit. Damage to your credit, late fees, and interest on credit cards may be an item of damage in your employment lawsuit. The cost of finding a new job such as mailing resumes, driving to interviews, and paying a head hunter may be items of damage in your lawsuit involving the loss of your job.

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