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Gay and Transgender Rights Legal Right in Employment

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)

The Fair Employment and Housing Act, which is found in Calif. Gov. Code § 12900-12966, states that it is illegal to refuse employment or terminate the employment of an individual because of their sexual orientation. Even with such laws in place, many employers harass and discriminate against homosexual, bisexual or transsexual individuals in the workplace. Such acts are often closely tied to sex discrimination and sexual harassment, all of which should be reported to management. If you witness this kind of discrimination against yourself or against someone else, don’t be afraid to “Blow the whistle” on the offender. You have the right to do so and are protected under the law.

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Karl Gerber’s fight for the rights of gay and transgender workers goes back to the 1990s when the workplace laws about transgender rights did not exist. Mr. Gerber has represented employees in different phases of their sexual identity. His cases have dealt with whether passing female employees could use the women’s bathroom. A 2013 case the firm handled involved whether a non-transgender female impersonator could use a woman’s voice when he made sales calls. Employment Lawyer’s Group has just started a case involving bisexual practices amongst two bisexual employees and one of their husbands. The right for men to wear dresses, and the rights of lesbians not to be sexually harassed by men are employment issues the Employment Lawyer’s Group deals with.

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It may be the case that you have reported sexual orientation discrimination in your workplace, but your report has been set aside or you have been retaliated against as a result. If so, contact Employment Lawyer’s Group today for experienced defense of your rights. Whether you are a victim of such discrimination or simply witnessed it happen, we could help.