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California employment laws serve to protect workers from being wrongfully and unfairly treated in the workplace. Without the protection found in the laws and regulations of the California Labor Code, employees would be unable to perform their jobs due to workplace harassment of different kinds. The Labor Code, as well as numerous other legislative acts, has been put in place so that employers and employees alike can know their rights, and so that violators can be held accountable for their actions.

Employment Law Practice Areas

Whistleblower Claims

If your employer retaliates against you for being a whistle blower, you may be entitled to compensation. Four examples of employer retaliation include: 1) firing you 2) demoting you 3) transferring you 4) reducing your hours.

Wrongful Termination

When is Termination Wrongful? Wrongful termination is a job termination done for an illegal reason, such as discrimination, or in retaliation for exercising a workplace right such as asking for Family Medical Leave.

Sexual Harassment

It is unlawful to harass an employee because of their sex, California Government Code Section 12940(j)(1). Sexually harassing behaviors to be aware of at work include: 1) sexual favors 2) Unwanted sexual advances and propositions

Workplace Discrimination

What Types of Discrimination Are Illegal? FEHA prohibits harassment and discrimination in employment on the basis of: age, disability, pregnancy, race, color, religion, sex or gender, sexual orientation, marital status, and national origin.

Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The FMLA allows eligible workers a total of 12 workweeks per year of paid or unpaid leave for medical emergencies and events such as childbirth, severe illness or injury of an immediate family member, and the like.

Employment Contracts

If your employer has fired you in violation of the terms of your employment contract, you may be entitled to seek compensation for breach of contract. Some samples of breach of contract include unpaid commissions and bonuses, unpaid salary, and stock options.

Wage & Hour Claims

Many employers illegally withhold pay from employees. Unpaid wage claims include unpaid bonuses, commissions, double time, meal breaks, overtime, prevailing wage and meal breaks.

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