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Labor Attorney

There is a misconception about what a labor attorney is, and what type of cases a labor attorney handles in 2014. Labor attorneys handle all legal issues that arise from an employee’s employment. Labor attorneys do not merely handle union disputes or Labor Commission cases for unpaid wages. Additionally, modern labor lawyers represent all levels of employees including supervisors, managers, professionals, and executives. What a labor lawyer is and what type of employment cases they handle is best explained through example.

Here is a partial list of the types of cases an Orange County labor attorney handle:

  • Wrongful Termination of hourly employees, salaried employees, supervisors,management, and professionals
  • Sexual Harassment of any employee
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Cancer Discrimination in employment
  • Lawsuits in court or binding arbitration for any wage owed whether it is a boss refusing to issue a final paycheck, unpaid commissions on a $1,000,000 sale, overtime, prevailing wage on an Orange County government construction project, a bonus never paid, a failure to pay minimum wage, a failure to reimburse an employee for expenses incurred during employment such as airline tickets, meals while traveling
  • Breach of Contract lawsuits for high level employees and any level of employee
  • Work Injury cases (workers compensation)
  • Family Medical Leave Act Violations
  • Terminations of Employment due to jury service, military service
  • Whistleblower lawsuits

Our Orange County labor attorneys only represent employees. If you have been fired from your job, discriminated against at your job, harassed at work, or your employer owes you money we can be your Orange County labor lawyer.

The Orange County labor law cases our firm has handled, in recent years, rank amongst some of our most interesting cases.

In recent years we have handled the following Orange County Labor Lawsuits:

  • Wrongful Termination of a Laguna Special Education Teacher when the employer refused to allow her to go on a disability/cancer leave due to cancer treatment
  • Hiring and planned termination of a Mission Viejo Marketing Executive by a Fortune 500 Company that merely wanted to steal his trade secrets (customer contacts) and then fired him
  • A group of Santa Ana Tow Truck Drivers not given meal breaks, overtime, or minimum wage
  • A Salesman sexually harassed and battered by gay co-workers who wanted to turn him gay
  • A Male Big Box Store Employee sexually harassed by his unstable female supervisor
  • A Maintenance Worker Verbally and Physically Abused by the owner’s brother infurtherance of his exercise of authority

Our Orange County Labor attorneys can meet you in our office in Tustin, or a location near Huntington Harbor. However, if you would prefer to meet in Los Angeles we have a downtown Los Angeles office and one in Sherman Oaks. We also have offices in Riverside and San Bernardino. Our dedicated staff of labor lawyers handles cases in all parts of Southern California.

We take all of our labor law cases on a contingency and advance litigation costs. This means we do not get paid until and unless we recover money on your case.

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