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Santa Ana Employment Lawyer

Firm founder, Karl Gerber has handled Santa Ana employment cases since beginning his career. One of his early trials was an age discrimination case in the old Buffum’s building, on Main Street in Santa Ana, when that was used as a civil Orange County Superior Court. Another one of Gerber’s early employment lawsuits was the representation of a Santa Ana machinist who complained he was not paid minimum wage and was wrongfully terminated.

Santa Ana Employment Cases

Whether you have a Santa Ana employment case at Ingram Micro, Tenet Healthcare, Freedom Communications, First American, Corinthian Colleges, Behr Paint, or any other Santa Ana employer, we can represent you in your Santa Ana Employment lawsuit. Over the last 20 years we have represented numerous Santa Ana title insurance employees including a chief financial officer in a disability discrimination lawsuit and various clerical employees from the title industry. The employment lawsuits we handled for title insurance employees including disability discrimination, Family Medical Leave violations, and wrongful termination. We have also represented many health insurance company employees in employment lawsuits. Other Santa Ana employees we have represented include a high-level Santa Ana salesman in a commission dispute, and a marketing employee at a Santa Ana company who was wrongfully fired after the Santa Ana company used him for his trade secrets. Another one of our cases involved a Santa Ana employer who wrongfully terminated a diabetic employee and refused to accommodate his disability thereby engaging in disability discrimination. We have also found Santa Ana cases to often involve warehouse workers who are mistreated and wrongfully terminated.

Whether your zip code is 92701, 92702, 92703, 92704, 92705, 92706, 92707, 92708, 92711, 92712, 92725, 92728, 92735, 92799, or somewhere else in California, we can represent you in your employment lawsuit.

Santa Ana is a unique city in Orange County. It is Orange County’s county seat, has the largest population out of any Orange County city, and has the main Orange County Superior Court and Orange County Federal Courthouse. Besides the wonderful Bowers museum and Discovery Science Center, Santa Ana is where the corporate offices of several large employers are located. The corporate offices of Core Logic. Kern’s, Powerwave Technology, TMC Technology, and Wahoo’s Fish Tacos are all located in Santa Ana. A city that houses the corporate offices for food industry companies, technology companies, and financial institutions has a workplace that requires the help of an employment attorney.

Santa Ana is the regional home of many employers such as T-Mobil, Ultimate Software, and Xerox. We are poised to represent any Santa Ana executes or employees at a Santa Ana regional or corporate office. We understand the nuisances in representing employees who work for high levels of management, or they themselves are high levels of management. We can evaluate whether a layoff is legitimate, or whether persons were selected for layoff due to disability, being on a leave of absence such as Family Medical Leave, Pregnancy Leave, or the layoff unfairly targeted employees due to their age. Employment problems that take place at a corporate or regional office may lend themselves to punitive damages due to the level of the employees who made the wrongful employment decisions. We are experienced in obtaining testimony from high levels of management in order to establish punitive damage liability in employee lawsuits.

Santa Ana is also home to many small restaurants and bars. We have represented many restaurant workers who have sued for sexual harassment, unpaid tips, wrongful termination, and a variety of employment wrongs.

Santa Ana also offers many shopping experiences, including the Westfield Mall, and a number of small independent retailers not anchored to a mall. We have represented many mall employees in cases of sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and disability discrimination. We have also represented many retail employees who work in independent stores.

Whether you are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, or other we can represent you whether you worked in Santa Ana, you live in Santa Ana, or your case involves any California employment.

We have exclusively represented employees in employment cases such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, disability discrimination, Family Medical Leave, CFRA, race discrimination, overtime lawsuits, unpaid meal break cases, prevailing wage cases, and commission disputes for many years.

Let us be your Santa Ana Employment Lawyer.