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Severance Agreement Lawyer

Understanding Severance Agreements

Some companies offer what is known as a, “Severance Agreement” as part of their employment termination package, or they may offer such an agreement upon an employee’s leaving the company, or upon terminating a worker’s employment. In basic terms, a severance package is financial compensation and benefits that are provided to an employee when they leave the company so that they are temporarily protected while looking for a new position. These agreements are a contract that can be reviewed and negotiated at the time of employment, or at the time the package is offered to an existing employee. Speak with an Orange County employment attorney as soon as possible if you are offered a severance agreement.

Why hire an attorney for a severance agreement?

Before agreeing to a severance package, it is wise to review the terms with an employment lawyer to ensure that you are being offered a reasonable package. Severance pay is often offered because the employee has what would be a good employment lawsuit. In those situations accepting severance payment is not wise. A few weeks or months pays is not acceptable compensation if you were defrauded into accepting employment, or you are being fired because you are a whistle blower. Likewise, victims of sexual harassment who are being forced out because they have complained of sexual harassment or rejected the advances of a supervisor should not sign their rights away for little compensation in a severance agreement. Only experienced employment lawyers like Karl Gerber, who has handled more than 1,500 employment cases, can properly advise you what your potential job claims might be worth.

Consult with an Orange County Severance Agreement Attorney

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