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Our wage attorneys will calculate the correct amount of your unpaid wages, fight for all penalties, interest, and attorney fees. We will utilize multiple California Labor Code provisions to argue the maximum amount due. Besides using all of the applicable labor laws, we will figure out how to prove your claim for wages. Many clients do not know exactly how many hours of overtime they worked, but were not paid. Likewise, they do not know how many meal or rest breaks they missed. After handling wage and hour cases for thousands of employees we know which records to look at, obtain from your employer, how to handle the case if records do not exist, or are incorrect. We also have experience calculating complex damages, or finding expert witnesses to calculate wage theft schemes spanning more than 1,000 days per employee.


Our experienced wage lawyers have particular expertise in cases involving all types of unpaid wages for one employee, groups of employees, class actions, and PAGA actions.

  • Bonuses Not Paid, or Overtime That Does Not Include Bonus Pay
  • Commissions Not Paid Including When the Employee is Fired or Quit
  • Controlled Standby Pay
  • Double Minimum Wage for Employees Who Must Bring Tools to Work
  • Double Time
  • Flag Rate Pay for Mechanics
  • Late Pay Penalties
  • Meal Break Premium Pay
  • Minimum Wage
  • Off the Clock Work
  • Overtime
  • PAGA (Private Attorney General Action) Penalties
  • Paystub violations
  • Prevailing Wage
  • Reporting Time Pay
  • Rest Breaks
  • Standby Pay
  • Stock Options

All wage lawsuits are taken on a contingency. We are paid a percent out of the money collected. We even advance litigation costs (i.e. court filing fees, depositions, mediation fees).



Your wages are your livelihood. Take action, protect your dignity. You are not alone. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of employees, receive money every year for wages their employer did not properly pay. In a 7 year recent period, more than 10 billion dollars has been collected by private attorneys on behalf of the California Labor Workforce Development Agency as penalties against employers who have failed to properly adhere to the Labor Code. Unless you take action, your employer will have gotten away with not paying you, keeping money that is legally yours. This is called, “Wage theft.”


Every week our wage theft lawyers receive calls from employees who are not paid all of their wages when they are fired, or quit. For each day wages are not paid, up to 30, the employer must pay the employee’s daily wage. It is a sad fact so many employers think they can get away not paying all wages due to the employee when they will not be working there anymore.

There are many examples of situations in which employers are not paying their employees. The companies who engage in these practices range from one person employers to multi-national companies. It is astounding there are so many employers who expect their employees to work without being compensated.



Suing for wages does not have to be a stressful circumstance if you have the right lawyers. Our wage attorneys have helped tens of thousands of employees recover wages in individual lawsuits, group actions, class actions, and PAGA actions. We commonly represent employees who still work for the employer we are suing. Our professional, experienced lawyers are here to get you what you deserve. Whether you are owed wages for yourself, or the lawsuit is for multiple employees, we want to help.

The only way to get top dollar and recover all of the wages and penalties you are owed is to file your lawsuit. There are many statutes of limitations on a wage and hour case. It is important all wage actions be filed quickly. Opposed to other law firms, at the Employment Lawyers Group you will get personal attention from a team of one to two experienced lawyers. Your case will not be handed off to case managers and paralegals. Experience wage attorneys will guide you along the way, and tell you what information and documents we need in order to put you in the best position. However, a lot of wage and hour cases start without documents from our clients. Once we file the lawsuit the employer must supply all relevant documents. Relevant documents include paystubs, time sheets, work schedules, and often text messages.

Some of our Wage and Hour Settlement Include:

$875,000 to employees on-call who did not receive meal breaks or standby pay
$800,000 for controlled standby pay to emergency workers
$800,000 for overtime owed
$775,000 for not paying minimum wage workers for missed meal breaks
$750,000 for not paying minimum wage
$400,000 for controlled standby owed to two low voltage employees
$350,000 for overtime and controlled standby for one employee
$350,000 for controlled standby, meal breaks to 2 employees & a small PAGA group
$350,000 to heavy equipment operators owed prevailing wage, paystub errors
$325,000 to an oil field worker whose overtime did not include fix rated bonus pay
$310,000 to 2 telecommunication hospital workers on call
$250,000 to 2 employees not paid overtime, missed meal breaks, small PAGA group
$200,000 to a security officer forced to work off the clock, complained, and quit
$175,000 to a small PAGA group in a hotel
$140,000 to a salaried nurse not paid for all hours worked
$150,000 to 1 employee whose fixed rate bonus pay was wrong and small PAGA group
$100,000 PAGA only settlement